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Lenovo Helix – TrackPad Sensitivity

Lenovo Helix – TrackPad Sensitivity The TouchPad (TrackPad) Sensitivity level can be adjusted to set the required finger pressure before the TouchPad responds from “Light Touch” to “Heavy Touch”. For individuals who prefer to exclusively use an external mouse, the TrackPoint and TrackPad can be individually turned off. From the Start Screen, type Control Panel… Continue Reading »

The ePirate Blog Project

The ePirate Blog Project

The ePirate Blog Project is a continued exploration of how the Lenovo Android Tablet can be integrated into the teaching and learning environment at Seton Hall University.

Over the next twelve weeks, students will be contributing their impressions on utilizing the Lenovo Android Tablet, related to the following six topics:

  1. General Productivity
  2. News Readers
  3. eBooks
  4. Science Applications
  5. Production
  6. Application of Interest