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A Crash Course in Design Thinking

Last week Space154 hosted Professor Kendall Henderson and his Digital Art & Design class for a “Crash Course in Design Thinking.”  We used the d.School’s process of design thinking which uses the following process: Empathize Define Ideate Prototype Test The original design thinking activity has participants redesign the gift giving experience but the Digital Art […]

The Divi Builder Plugin

Elegant Themes has just released a plugin that gives you all the functionality of the page builder built into the Divi theme, allowing you to use its advanced page-builder features in most any theme you choose. As in the full theme package, the Builder comes with a set of ready-made layout options, and many content modules that you place with a drag-and-drop interface.

New Themes from WPMU

WPMUDEV is going into “builder” themes in a big way. These are themes that have drag-and-drop interfaces that let you create pages in layouts that go beyond the usual header/body/sidebar/footer model that you’re used to. Each page can have its own individual collection of modules and blocks than contain images, menus, slideshows, videos, in whatever arrangement you like. The (current) home page of TLTC Blogs is built using one of these types of themes, “Divi” from Elegant Themes.