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PDF’s – The Hidden Issue

When a pdf with words is created from an electronic source, such as a Word document, the default option is to save the document as “text”. This makes it possible to be read by a screen reader. No problem! However, a problem can occur if the original source of the document is from a physical paper, book or journal. In this case, depending on the scanner and the options chosen, the pdf can be saved as an image. When saved as an image, a screen reader interprets the page as being “blank”.

Instructional Design Newsletter – January 2016

Instructional Design Newsletter 2016 January http://blogs.shu.edu/technology/category/newsletter 2016 January | Instructional Design Newsletter (pdf) Upcoming CTC Workshops   Welcome to the 2016 Spring Semester! We look forward to another exciting semester at Seton Hall University! If you have any questions regarding integrating technology into your classes, please contact your Instructional Design Liaison. Looking for apps? Just… Continue Reading »