How do I connect a Bluetooth Keyboard?

Bluetooth devices (keyboard, mice, …) can be added from either Windows 8 Desktop or Windows 8 Metro.

  1. From the Windows 8 Start screen, swipe from the right edge to display the Charms bar, then select settings
  2. Select the Change PC settings link
  3. Select Devices on the left menu to display all devices currently connected
  4. Locate the Power button on the bottom of the Bluetooth Keyboard, press and hold for five seconds and then release – the two blue led’s will alternate indicating that it is in “Pairing Mode”
  5. Select Add a device link at the top of the window
  6. A list of Bluetooth devices currently in range will appear. Select the SAMSUNG Keyboard icon
  7. A unique connection passcode will be generated by your computer. Enter this passcode via the Bluetooth keyboard, then press the Enter key
  8. The SAMSUNG Keyboard will now appear as a connected device.

The Bluetooth Keyboard can be turned off by momentarily pressing the power button (the right led will blink once), and then turned back on by pressing the power button for one second (the left led will blink once).  There is no need to re-pair the keyboard.

For additional information, please see the following blog post on how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard via Windows 8 Metro

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