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Ten Good Technology Habits Everyone Should Have

Lifehacker has an excellent (short) article that adds to “Safer Internet Day.” This article outlines ten good technology habits all tech users should have.  Highlights include: – Back up your data regularly – Use secure passwords – Know what routine maintenance your computer needs and perform it periodically – Know about and avoid common Internet… Continue Reading »

Online scammers are using a recent email from Microsoft

A group of scammers are using a recent email from Microsoft as part of their phishing campaign.  They are sending emails similar to a legitimate email from Microsoft with the title “Important Changes to Microsoft Services Agreement and Communication Preferences.”  But the scammers have replaced the links in the email with ones that infect your… Continue Reading »

Questions About the University’s Password Change Policy

University IT Services is required to adhere to “good practices” in IT security.  Part of this “good practice” is to require users to have “strong” passwords (that is, passwords that are not easily guessed or broken by hacking tools).  The University’s password policy requires staff and administrators to change their passwords every 90 days and… Continue Reading »