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Locking Down Your Uploaded Attachments

Even if you’re running a private blog, your file attachments aren’t as secure as you might like. Your or your users can innocently copy-and-paste a link to a PDF file into an e-mail … which gets passed around … then somebody puts it in a Twitter or Facebook post … and before you know it the file you wanted to keep just for your selected audience has been indexed by Google! . . . → Read More: Locking Down Your Uploaded Attachments

Important IT Security Information: CryptoLocker Malware

A new and very dangerous form of malware has been seen on campus. Called CryptoLocker, it attempts to encrypt data on your computer and hold that data “ransom.” It spreads by email that contains a link to a site that has been infected with CryptoLocker. To prevent CryptoLocker from infecting your computer and potentially destroying… Continue Reading »