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Effects of Hurricane Sandy on University IT Services

Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of New Jersey last Monday, resulting in widespread  and lingering power and cellular outages.  The University’s main campus did not lose power or Internet service during the hurricane.  All IT Services housed on the main campus continue to operate normally.  However, many off campus buildings, including Human Resources, University Advancement, and… Continue Reading »

New Intel Processors Cause Resheduling of Sophomore / Junior Refresh 2012

Seton Hall University’s Mobile Computing Program seeks to provide faculty and students with the leading technology to support their teaching and learning.  As part of this program, all undergraduate students are eligible for new computers between their sophomore and junior year.  For the past several years it has been the practice to begin replacing students’… Continue Reading »

Improvements Made to Transfer Distribution for Mobile Computing

The University’s Mobile Computing Program provides a University-issued laptop to all full time undergraduates.  Laptops are replaced at the end of students’ sophomore year, and students are eligible to keep their current laptop when they graduate.  In order to meet the University’s commitment to allow students to keep their laptop upon graduation, PC Support Services… Continue Reading »