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Why are more and more universities becoming cyber targets?

Recent news of cyber attacks against universities may have you wondering why.  NCB News recently addressed this question, stating: “These aren’t college kids trying to change their grades.”  Rather, the hacking attacks are targeting the “vast stores of personal data and expensive research” that universities have in their systems.  The article provides data on recent… Continue Reading »

EDUCAUSE Promotes National Cyber Security Awareness Month

“EDUCAUSE is one of NCSA’s strongest partners and has been heavily involved in NCSAM since its inception. EDUCAUSE’s efforts in cybersecurity, online safety, and privacy awareness help educate campus stakeholders, including students — a key population of young people. The organization provides valuable information to help students protect their digital lives.” Read the article »

Lenovo Laptop Security

You may have read recently that some Lenovo laptops had third-party adware installed that made them vulnerable to attacks by hackers.  The Department of Information Technology would like to assure the University community that no Seton Hall issued laptops contained this adware and laptop security was not compromised in any way. Read more about information… Continue Reading »