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Tablets, Android (google ebooks)

The ePirate Blog Project

The google play book is a great app. It makes reading so much more fun and easy. The google play books allows to you to read all of your favorite titles, authors, and best seller books all on the go. You can easily personalize your readings according to your preference and you can pick up reading where you left off whenever you want. Google play books also  has a wide range of free books available for you to take advantage of.

Tablets, Android (News Reader)

The ePirate Blog Project

Pulse is a great application to use to stay up to date with what is going in the world. Pulse gives you the option to personalize  the app according to news topics that you are interested in. this is very helpful because you no longer need to look through to find something that interests you. By being able to personalize the app, you get all your topics of interest categorized for you.

Tablets (News reader)

The ePirate Blog Project

Pulse and Google Currents are very useful applications when it comes to keeping up with current events. Google Currents offers the possibility of personalizing the tends that interest you and notifies you of new articles and posting. Pulse creates a “big picture” of the  current events that are occurring. And has all types of news on one, very page easy to see and read. Bloomberg News focused more on business and data so it is a good resource especially when writing statistical papers, homework, or looking for a quick fact to back up an idea either in class or with friends.

Dropbox on Android Tablet

The ePirate Blog Project

I like using Dropbox on the Android tablet. I can use it to view pretty much any kind of file, even mp3 files but I use Dropbox to view my syllabus,reviewing homework assignments or term papers,and PDF books, pretty much anything to read. I no longer need to carry the flash drives around.

Dropbox is very convenient because it can be install on pretty much any devices; all the pc platform such as Linux, Windows, Mac and  both Android and iPhone mobile platforms. When I’m workingat public computer that doesn’t has dropbox app, I can still pull out my files from I’ve never face any kind of error yet so far from this app.It is a very useful app for me.

Tablets Android (Dropbox/Evernote)

The ePirate Blog Project

Dropbox and Evernote have both been very useful applications. With Dropbox I can have my documents on the go without saving them to a USB or Hard drive. Also, I get easily exchange documents with other peers without the need of e-mailing, this especially came in handy when exchanging research material. Evernote is also helpful in saving and transferring my documents between different devices, however it is also useful for writing notes during classes and keeping organized notebooks. Both applications have helped me keep my documents and notes in an orderly fashion.