2018 Summer | Online Teaching Certificate

We are pleased to announce that another set of sessions for the Faculty Online Teaching Certificate will be offered this July.
Those interested can sign up to take a series of 5, one-hour workshops in July. The workshops will cover how to be a competent online instructor, how to teach in an inclusive classroom, engagement strategies, Blackboard Learn, course design and why quality matters.
All sessions will take place in Walsh Library – Space154.


The Online Teaching Certificate is designed to take faculty from development through facilitation of their online courses and hybrid courses; to further increase instructor-to-student engagement and satisfaction; and to provide technology skills and resources to increase faculty confidence while teaching.

Faculty will be awarded a Certificate in Online Teaching by the Center for Faculty Development after completing the five core workshops.

Faculty Online Teaching Certificate

Engagement Strategies
Tuesday, July 17 @ 12pm – 1pm | Click here to register
This workshop focuses on structuring activities to engage students, classmates, and instructors in an online environment. Discussion topics include best practices using the discussion boards and groups as well as commutation tools. Participants will be asked to submit a summary of how they plan to incorporate engagement strategies in their online course in three areas: faculty to student, student to student, and student to content.

The Blackboard Grade Center
Wednesday, July 18 @ 12pm – 1pm | Click here to register
This session will focus on how faculty can best utilize the power of the Blackboard Grade Center. Topics covered will include how to create categories, weighted columns, total columns and how to provide assignment feedback to students.

The Inclusive Classroom
Thursday, July 19 @ 12pm – 1pm | Click here to register
Experience and research tell us that students learn in different ways, yet educational experiences are often designed around a “one size fits all” curriculum. This session will focus on implementing a framework that guides the design of learning and assessment with the diversity of the students in mind. We will explore these challenges from a variety of perspectives and identify course design alternatives and technologies to support learner diversity.

Competencies in Online Learning
Tuesday, July 24 @ 12pm – 1pm | Click here to register
This workshop discusses benchmarks which every online faculty member should possess. These core competencies, developed by Larry Ragan of Penn State, provide insights and strategies to become a successful online instructor. Participants will complete a self-assessment evaluation and skill development plan and share it with the workshop facilitator.

Quality Matters, Blackboard, and Course Design
Wednesday, July 25 @ 12pm – 1pm | Click here to register
This workshop provides an overview of the Quality Matters rubric in addition to using Blackboard to create a well-designed online course. The Quality Matters Blackboard template will be demonstrated as well. Participants will be asked to submit a course plan/outline; a template will be provided.

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