Universal Design – The Inclusive Classroom

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Join us for the presentation “Universal Design – The Inclusive Classroom” on Thursday, December 7, 9-11 a.m. in the newly opened Learning Studio, which can be found on the ground floor in Walsh Library (room 154A). The Learning Studio fosters collaboration and creativity, which is an ideal setting for this workshop.

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Experience and research tell us that students learn in different ways that are unique to them. Yet, educational experiences are often designed around a “one size fits all” curriculum. Often, attempts to address learner variability happens when faced with students that require accommodations. However, we can implement a framework that guides the design of learning goals, materials, methods and assessments with the diversity of learners in mind, where differences in the classroom are planned for in advance and are an asset. This session will focus on the principles of universal design for learning. We will explore this issue from a variety of perspectives and identify course design alternatives and technologies to support learner diversity.

Breakfast will be served.

This event is sponsored by the TLT Roundtable Faculty Development & Best Practices Committee.


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