Instructional Design Newsletter – May 2017

2017 May

TLTC Summer Series 2017 – SUMMER OF FUN

Internet of Things
Wednesday, May 31 | click here to register
Ever wonder what the Internet of Things is all about? Are you interested in learning about automating common tasks or using various sensors to trigger specific events? Then this is the session for you!

Game On!
Wednesday, June 7 | click here to register
Games can be used to create meaningful learning experiences, motivate learners, and provide a space for practice and iteration (permission to fail.) In this workshop, you will get practical advice and hands on experience with simple and serious games for learning. We will also play several examples of games, discussing which elements provide the most benefit for classroom use.

Adventures in Online Learning
Wednesday, June 14 | click here to register
This workshop is designed for new and seasoned online instructors. The day will start with an overview of Quality Matters as well as hands on activities to better understand the process of creating a new online course. This will be followed by discussions and demonstrations of how to incorporate video into courses including length of videos, tools for creation and hosting options. The adventure will continue with Open Educational Resources and other electronic resources that are available support student learning. The finale includes new tools available to increase instructor presence and students engagement online.

For all Workshops:
9:30 am for Breakfast
10:00 am – 2:00 pm for Workshop
Lunch will be provided
Location ~ Space 154, Walsh Library

A Snowball microphone will be raffled off each day!

Session descriptions and registration links available at:

Nitro Pro 11

The full version of Nitro Pro 11 is now available to the SHU community.
All SHU-issued Windows based laptops and desktops are allowed to install the full version Nitro Pro 11 software by way of our internal Software Center Application.

Nitro Pro 11 allows for the following functionality

  • Creation and Merging of PDF files
  • Converting and Exporting of PDF Files
  • Editing of pre-existing PDF Files
  • Use of Optical Character Recognition technology (aka OCR) to edit PDFs created from scanned documents
  • Review and Collaboration of shared PDF files
  • Creation and usage of PDF based forms

You can access the Online Learning Center for Nitro Pro self-help resources by visiting The Learning Center includes video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, links to the Nitro community forum, and the complete Nitro Pro User Guide.

It is recommended that all new users watch this 8-minute video that demonstrates the most frequently used features of Nitro Pro:

For directions on how to install Nitro Pro on SHU-issued Windows based laptops and desktops, please visit the following Knowledgebase article: KB0013298

Qualtrics Survey Tool

Now Available to the Seton Hall University community via your PirateNet login, the Qualtrics Survey Tool allows users to create and distribute sophisticated web-based surveys. An overview of the Qualtrics platform and a five step getting started guide are available online at Survey Platform Overview

Learn Qualtrics in 5 steps

  1. Beginning to Build
  2. Customizing Survey Pathways
  3. Customizing Survey Experience
  4. Distributing your Survey
  5. Analyzing your Data


Instructional Design Team


Danielle Mirliss, Ed.D.
Director for Instructional Design and Computer Training, TLT Center
(973) 313-6021
View Danielle’s Profile >>


Renee M. Cicchino, M.A.
Senior Instructional Designer
(973) 313-6249
View Renee’s Profile >>

  • Online Course Development Project Manager
  • Special Projects
  • School of Diplomacy
  • University Library


Amy Phillips, M.Ed.
Learning Systems Manager
(973) 275-2933
View Amy’s Profile >>

  • Blackboard Support


Bill Otskey
Computer Training Services, Manager
(973) 275-2161


Shayle Adrian, M.S., M.Ed.
Instructional Designer
(973) 313-6189
View Shayle’s Profile >>

  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
  • College of Communication & The Arts
  • School of Health & Medical Sciences


Veronica Armour, M.A.T.
Instructional Designer
(973) 275-2930
View Veronica’s Profile >>

  • College of Education & Human Services
  • Department of English
  • Freshman Studies
  • Department of Criminal Justice
  • Language, Literature & Culture


Heidi Trotta, M.A., Ed.M.
Instructional Designer
(973) 275-2882
View Heidi’s Profile >>

  • College of Nursing
  • Department of Political Science & Public Affairs
  • Department of History
  • Department of Philosophy
  • School of Theology
  • Department of Religion


Riad Twal, Ed.S.
Instructional Designer
(973) 313-6043
View Riad’s Profile >>

  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Math & Computer Science
  • Stillman School of Business


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