Space 154

Space154_final_SHUSpace154 is a collaborative place where faculty, students, and the Seton Hall community can come to participate in a variety of experiences.  Part learning space, part digital creation space, and part discovery lab, it is a dedicated space on the ground floor of Walsh Library with flexible and café-style workspaces for teams or single users.  It features technologies including a 3D printer and Autodesk software, Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits, and text mining/analysis software.

The TLT Center coordinates workshops that focus on everything from using social media for learning to virtual reality and 3D design as it introduces new and emerging technologies to both students and faculty.

img_20160830_090001_28716668543_oeditedThe space allows the TLT Center to support student projects started in the classroom, offer mentoring on a variety of technologies, and host open lab hours where community members can work alone or collaboratively.  The space also hosts campus initiatives, such as the Digital Humanities Committee, which provides seed grants and support for faculty and graduate students seeking to incorporate digital technology into their research.

Space154 supports active learning by providing an open, informal environment for students and faculty alike to explore, create, and innovate with 21st century tools and technologies.

Space154 enables new forms of research, learning, and creativity.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming open house!

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