Meeting the Challenges of Accessibility Inclusive Classrooms Head-on – Blackboard Webinar

As more and more attention is being placed on meeting the needs of students with diverse abilities, educators are looking more closely at inclusive classroom goals and how to accomplish them without adding significant additional time and effort to building online and in classroom curriculum.

In this session JoAnna Hunt, Blackboard’s Accessibility Manager, will provide an overview of inclusive classrooms, outline the benefits and the challenges faced in implementing them, and provide a practical framework for assessing your pedagogy, your content, and the technology you’re using in the classroom to help you easily achieve inclusivity in your online and face to face classrooms.

Blackboard Discussion: Is your Classroom Accessible?
Thursday, March 17
2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. (snacks provided)
Walsh Library – ITV Room (or register directly with Blackboard to participate remotely – link to Blackboard registration)

Featured Speaker:
JoAnna Hunt, Accessibility Manager Blackboard

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