Readiness Survey Tool for Online Students

The TLT Center is pleased to announce a new tool to assist students with determining if they are ready to take an online course. Students new to online learning may not fully understand the discipline needed to be successful in an online course. This tool will help them gain a better understanding of what it takes while providing pointed resources to improve their skills.

The Student Readiness Questionnaire is a quick self-assessment which provides targeted feedback and resources based on their answers. The questionnaire is divided into four key areas of online learning; time management, learning style, technology skills and technology access. Each area includes four to five questions where students will agree, somewhat agree or disagree. Once the questions are completed in the section, students are prompted to click a “Give Me Feedback” button and depending on their answers, will receive specific information and resources on that area.

Students can take the questionnaire as many times as they like and do not need their PirateNet credentials to take the questionnaire.

The Student Readiness Questionnaire can be found here:

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