Create Study Guides in WORD

Microsoft WORD documents are very accessible for students with  or without screen readers!  WORD is an EXCELLENT tool to use for creating study guides, as opposed to PowerPoint.  The latter only works for students who are sighted and even then, is not the best tool.  Screen readers don’t handle PowerPoint well, so, when creating a subject study guide, think WORD!!

A tip in making WORD documents more accessible is to use standard headings.  This doesn’t mean using bold, or increasing the font size to indicate a heading.  This refers to using the standard heading styles in WORD.  You have probably seen them in the ribbon area but never used them.

Headings provide, not only a visual cue of major topics, but also a means for navigating the document using a screen reader.  Once you start using standard styles, you will actually save time while making your documents consistent.

Headings in WORD

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