MakerSpace Corner – September 2015

MakerSpace Corner – September 2015
TLTC Staff

Seton Hall University has taken on a leadership role in the NJ Maker movement with the launch of the NJ Makers Consortium.  The consortium’s mission is to bring together educators and librarians in K-12 and Higher Education with the purpose of providing local support, networking, and training for individuals working to establish or grow makerspace programs in their schools or library branches.

Seton Hall is in a unique position to lead this new venture.  Through the College of Education and Human Services we have established great relationships with local k-12 schools.  These schools have shared with us their desire to start makerspaces within their buildings but do not necessarily have the technology expertise to get started.  Likewise, we have relationships with librarians who have started makerspaces at public libraries and are looking for ways to grow the programs.  The TLT Center has been able to transition these connections to create a group that is 30+ members and growing.  Members extend as far north as  Bergen County and as far south as Cape May County; and include a0her NJ Maker leaders such as Doug Baldwin of the Piscataway Public Library.  Doug is a founding organizer of the NJ Makers Day event.

Seton Hall faculty and administrators that have joined the consortium include: Dean Grace May, Deb Zinicola, Mike Taylor, Danielle Mirliss, Lysa Martinelli, Riad Twal, and Veronica Armour.

The consortium’s 1st meeting took place on September 15, 2015.  The consortium will meet monthly alternating between maker workshops and business meetings.

To learn more about the NJ Makers Consortium, events, and members please visit the MakerSpace at Seton Hall website.