MakerSpace at Seton Hall

The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center would like to introduce its newest blog: MakerSpace at Seton Hall.  The blog provides updates, projects, and news for the Seton Hall MakerSpace where members of the Seton Hall community can come to try out activities in 3D modeling/printing, eTextiles, Coding/Programming, Mobile design, and projects in the Digital Humanities.

Currently the Seton Hall University MakerSpace and the Tri-State Makers Consortium is hosting a virtual Maker Party event from July 20th through July 24th. The 2015 Mozilla Maker Party is a worldwide event geared towards “getting the hang of HTML to learning about remixing digital tools using paper and scissors, people of all ages and from all backgrounds have come together to joyfully explore the culture, mechanics and citizenship of the web.”

Activities are available online at: