Carnival and Day of Play

During the Spring 2015 Petersheim Week, the TLT Center hosted two tech days for faculty and students. On April 21st a faculty “Carnival” took place in the Beck Rooms where faculty members were able to showcase innovative ways to use technology in their courses.  Faculty members showcasing their work include:

Prof. Balkun watching a robotics demonstration by Prof. Vigorito
  • Prof. Jose Lopez, Physics/3D Printing
  • Prof. Mike Taylor, Environmental Science/Arduino & Sensors
  • Prof. Mary Balkun, English/Digital Humanities
  • Prof. Manfred Minimair, Computer Science/Data Visualization
  • Prof. [], Computer Science/Robotics
  • Prof. [], Nursing/
Still photo from a timelapse movie made of the TLT Center’s 3D printer.

Later in the week on April 23rd the TLT Center opened the doors to the ITV room for a “Day of Play” for the campus community to introduce the concept of a makerspace. Faculty and students were invited for a day of exploration to play games, work on a DIY activity, watch a 3D printing demo, learn how to make clothes light-up with eTextiles, or to try out their own project mash-up. The event had four interactive stations:

Two students trying their hand with origami.

Station 1: 3D printer demo, time-lapse video of 3D printing, and demo of Sketch-up (3D modeling software)

Station 2: Origami and discussion on electric origami, connections of paper folding to teaching mathematics

Station 3: T-shirt project and discussion of wearable electronics

Station 4: Fruit roll-up flowers and discussion of design and trends in 3D printed food/eatables

Station 5: Supplies to create a Rube Goldberg machine

Over 30 attendees made up of faculty and students took part in the Day of Play.  Prof. Devlin-Scherer brought her entire class of Secondary Education/English pre-service teachers.  The group had some excellent ideas of how to connect the 3D printer and 3D modeling tool (Sketch-up) in their K-12 placements for helping students to visualize and bring to life places and scenes from literature. A lively discussion of the multiple possibilities for integrating Humanities topics with 3D printing brought up a number of ideas for connecting the humanities to STEAM projects.