New Feature in Office 365: Video

Office 365 Video IconMicrosoft has added a new  feature to the University’s Office 365 offering: Video. This is a great way to share videos with other members of the Seton Hall University community. The steps to upload a video are easy to follow and you can upload multiple videos to a channel at the same time.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.01.02 PMVideo is now accessible by accessing your Office 365 account, clicking on the same icon in the left top corner to get to your OneDrive or other apps.

To create a channel and upload a video

  • Click on the Video icon in Office 365. You will see the “Community” channel which is open to all members of the University community to upload videos.  The videos you upload here will be visible by anyone at Seton Hall.
  • To create your own channel, click on the “+ New Channel” link in the up right of the grey menu bar and follow the prompts to name your channel and to pick a channel color.
  • To upload a video, click on the “Upload videos” link in the upper right of the grey menu bar.  Drag and drop the files you want to upload, or choose them from your computer’s directory listing.

What you need to remember

  • If you want to keep your videos private, you need to change the permissions, by clicking on the gear in the top right of the Office 365 Video menu bar.
  • Click on Permissions and delete the default entry under “Viewers” – Everyone except external users – by clicking on the “x” next to the entry.  This will make your channel private.
  • If you want to share your video(s) with other members of the University community, add their names to the “Viewers” section.
  • You cannot add external (non-SHU) email addresses to Viewers.  This feature is available only to the Seton Hall community.

Learn more

For more information about Office 365’s Video feature, proceed to the Microsoft article »