Using Microsoft’s “Clutter” to De-clutter your In Box

What does your mailbox look like?  For most of us, the junk filter sifts out those email messages that are definitely spam.  However, other messages come in that we might glance at (and keep in our mailbox), but are not the ones we deem important enough to act upon right away.

For messages in that latter category, Microsoft has a “Clutter” filter that de-clutters your mailbox.  These less important messages can be filtered out by turning “Clutter” on and separating out these low priority messages into their own folder. Once in this “Clutter” folder, these messages can be easily scanned and deleted en masse, which helps to keep your mailbox de-cluttered.

If “Clutter” doesn’t get it right, you can always move the messages back into your Inbox.  “Clutter” learns and adapts from your reading habits and you can always turn it off.

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  • Microsoft’s website about “Clutter” provides information about how “Clutter” works, how to turn it on and also how to turn it off.

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