Engagement Strategies and Online Activities

On Wednesday, March 18th, the TLT Center kicked off its spring workshop series with Engagement Strategies and Online Activities.  The workshop focused on structuring activities to engage students with the content, with their classmates, and with the instructor in an online environment. Discussion topics include best practices, types of online activities, and how to adapt face-to-face activities to an online format.

The highlight of the workshop was the discussion on Web 2.0 Activity ideas.  Some of the favorite ideas are listed below with links to resources for getting started (don’t forget to review the session presentation for additional guidelines when creating an online activity):

  1. Post a question of the week on a class blog
    • Did you know that the TLT Center offers a blogging service at blogs.shu.edu?  All you need to do is submit a request for a blog.  We’ll get it set up for you and give you a tutorial on how to create posts and you are off with this engaging activity!
  2.  Create an infographic as a review
    • Web tools like Piktochart and Canva make getting started with this activity real easy!
  3.  Produce a class Audio podcast
    • Audacity is a free audio recording/editing program that is accessible to all students.
  4. Make a parody of a hit song
    • Students can use Audacity to record the song or they can add images to make a video using Jing or Screenr.

Additional engagement strategies discussed included lecture captures for an online course.  You can use Echo360 software to create your own personal lecture captures.  Submit a request for an Echo360 account to get started.

Engagement Strategies Session Presentation

[iframe http://blogs.shu.edu/technology/files/2015/03/Online_Course_Activities.pdf#toolbar=1 650 375]