TopHat Online Presentation and Student Engagement Tool

TopHatPiloted during the Fall 2014 semester, Top Hat is now available for use by Seton Hall University Faculty!

What is Top Hat?
Top Hat is an online presentation and student engagement application that allows instructors to take attendance, poll students to gauge understanding, and spark discussions. TopHat’s functionality is similar to “clickers” but utilizes students’ laptops and mobile devices, avoiding the need to purchase an additional device. TopHat is integrated with Blackboard so any participation grades saved in TopHat can be automatically transferred to the Blackboard Grade Center.

Top Hat allows for participation and real-time feedback from your students using the device of their choice while you lecture. It empowers you to steer your lectures in the right direction and engage the students more efficiently.

Top Hat works with Powerpoint so that you never need to leave your slides or waste time wondering if that concept you just covered stuck; find out immediately if you’ve achieved student comprehension of your important course topics. Additionally, Top Hat has tools which enable you to ask out of class questions which can be answered in between lectures. Because Top Hat integrates directly with the Blackboard grade Center, you can use all of the tools for participation grades, quizzes, lecture prep or exam review.

For more information about Top Hat:
Top Hat Forums

If you would like to further investigate implementing Top Hat in your classes, please contact Veronica Armour at