Continuing this fall from the TLTC – Faculty Tech Bytes!

Continuing this fall from the TLT Center – Faculty Tech Bytes!

The Tech Bytes series is comprised of hands-on sessions, focusing on increasing your productivity. Faculty Tech Bytes sessions run each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the TLTC. Stop by for 15 minutes, or stay for the entire session.

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Session Descriptions:
This workshop will provide an introduction to the ECHO360 Personal Capture software. Record your audio, computer screen, and (optionally) your web camera to record a mini-lecture for students to review prior to class, record solving a complex problem in Excel, or record anything else on your computer screen for students to review.

Top Hat
Top Hat ( is an audience-response system designed to foster student engagement. Students respond to questions posted by the instructor via web browser, smartphone app, or text messaging (sms). This session will cover the basics of getting started with Top Hat.

Blackboard Collaborate
Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing system, built directly into your Blackboard course! Faculty can create a virtual classroom or hold virtual office hours to meet with students. This session will cover starting a Blackboard Collaborate session, utilizing the built-in tools to foster engagement, and how to record your Collaborate sessions for future review.

Blackboard Grade Center
This session will focus on how faculty can best utilize the power of the Blackboard Grade Center. Topics covered will include how to create categories, weighted columns, and total columns, and providing assignment feedback to students.

Blackboard Discussion Boards
Blackboard Discussion Boards allow for asynchronous communication between students and faculty as either an extension of an in-class discussion, or as the discussion for an online class. This session will cover how to create your Blackboard Discussion Boards by creating a discussion forums and threads. Additional features to be covered include the grading option, and the option to allow students to view the responses (threads) of their peers only after creating a response (thread) of their own.

Blackboard Inline Grading
During this session we will cover how faculty can utilize the Blackboard Inline Grading function to view, comment, and grade student submitted assignments within the Grade Center. This session will also cover how digital ink can be used to provide hand-written notes on student submitted assignments.

Windows 8 / File Management
This session will provide tips and tricks to working with the Windows 8 operating system, and how you can best manage your files in the Windows 8 environment.

File Management / Backing Up Your Data
This session will cover the options available to faculty on how to back up and restore your data.

Submitting Final Grades
This session will cover how faculty can submit their final semester grades via Banner.

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