Single Sign On Updated

Seton Hall University’s Single sign on provider (Okta) has released an updated end user experience. The design improvements allow for better app organization, faster access to apps, and enhanced customization – all to better suit your work style and preferences.

  • The new features have been rolled out and you will see them the next time you log in to PirateNet.
  • Watch this short tour to learn more and see the detailed notes below regarding the benefits of the new Okta design.


The first time you sign in with the new design, you will see an update page which walks you through the changes, as shown below:

okta update page
Okta Update Page – September, 2014

Add Your Own Apps

The new page allows you to choose from a large selection of applications – find the ones you use, sign-on once, and you never have to remember the password again!

  • Create up to 5 tabs to organize your apps. You can now create tabs with fully customizable labels to house your apps. Any grouping of apps (Personal, Frequently Used, a project-specific name, whatever!) can be separated into tabs. You can add up to 5 tabs, and the resulting pages have fewer apps and less scrolling. In addition, Okta has removed the Hide this app button—simply move unwanted apps into a separate tab.
  • Moving apps to an new tab is easy – just drag and drop.
okta apps list
Listing of all apps available

Faster Access to Apps:

The Launch App field intuits from search keywords, then automatically launches the app when the correct one is found and chosen.

launch button
Launch your app

Okta Mobile App:

Okta provides a mobile app for your smart phone (iPhone/iPad or Android).

okta mobile app
Okta Mobile App
  • All your apps are 1 touch away
  • Everything is set up for you – nothing to configure
  • No app passwords are need


For any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at (973) 275-2222 or