Student Tech Bytes – Microsoft OneNote

TLTC Student Tech Bytes | Microsoft OneNote 2013
Fall 2014

Microsoft OneNote was designed from the ground-up for use with Digital Ink. Learn how to take notes in either digital ink or typewritten form, organize material, search for content, and share material with OneNote.


Resources – Microsoft OneNote 2013:

Quick Start Guide (www)

Video: Start up OneNote 2013, and start taking notes (www)

Keyboard Shortcuts (www)

Basics & Beyond guides (www)



Included with Office 2013

Accessible from Office365 website (via the OneDrive for Business page)

Downloads available for:  Mac  |  iOS  |  Android

[iframe 640 320]

Information regarding future 2014 TLTC Student Tech Bytes sessions can be found at:


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