Lecture Capture – Echo360

What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture capture allows instructors to record instructional content on their own laptop/desktop or in their classroom. Students are then able to view the recording from within Blackboard. This provides students with a powerful tool to review content, access supplemental material or receive instruction that is web-based.

What are the Lecture Capture Options?

There are two types of lecture capture available: classroom capture and personal capture

What is Classroom Capture?

Certain classrooms on campus are equipped with Echo360 hardware including cameras and built in microphones that enable instructors to capture their classroom lectures. Classroom capture records the activities taking place on the instructor’s computer, the classrooms audio, any document cameras and media. Lecture captures are scheduled to automatically begin recording as soon as the class starts and automatically publish it to Blackboard once the lecture is complete.

The following are the classrooms that can be reserved for classroom capture:

  • ITV Room, Walsh Library
  • 109, Academic Building
  • 111, Academic Building

For more information about recording classroom lectures on campus, contact Media Services at media.services@shu.edu.

What is Personal Capture?

Personal Capture allows instructors to capture the events taking place on their own laptops. For example, the activities on the computer screen, audio and video are recorded.

This requires that the Echo360 software be loaded on the laptop/desktop. Click here to make Request for Echo360 Personal Capture.

Why would I want to use this?

Lecture capture provides instructors with new ways to develop content, increase class interactivity, measure usage and improve outcomes. It provides students with the ability to review content at their own pace, take notes and get clarification on course topics.  Instructors can use personal capture to record lectures before class meeting times, and require the students to view them before arriving. This “flip classroom” allows the review and application of concepts learned outside the classroom. In addition, lecture capture can be utilized by a student who misses class or when inclement weather creates class cancellations.