Microsoft Lync 2013

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync, a part of Office 365, supports synchronous collaboration (chat, audio, or video call), video conferencing, and screen sharing.

The Lync 2013 desktop client is pre-installed on Seton Hall University laptops with Office 2013.  For those Seton Hall University members who are not running Office 2013, the Lync 2013 client can be downloaded from their Office 365 page – please see the illustrated guide below for additional details.

Download an: Illustrated Guide (pdf)

For additional information regarding Lync, please see the following Microsoft page: Start Using Lync for IM and Online Meetings


Setting up the Microsoft Lync Desktop Client

The Microsoft Lync Desktop Client will authenticate against your PirateNet credentials.

  1. If the Lync desktop client does not automatically launch, manually launch the program from:
    1. Windows 7
      1. Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office 2013 > Lync 2013
    2. Windows 8
      1. Windows 8 Start Screen > Lync 2013 tile
  2. When the Microsoft Lync software is launched, you will be prompted to sign-in.
    1. You may see a pop-up. Select the Accept button to accept the Microsoft Office License Agreement and proceed.
    2. You may see an “Activate Office” pop-up. Enter your in the email field, select Next.  In the password field, enter your PirateNet password and select Sign In.
  3. In the Sign-in address: field, enter your
    In the Password: field, enter your PirateNet password
    Select the Sign in button at the bottom of the window
  4. Your name will be displayed at the top of the Lync window.
  5. In the Find Someone field, enter a name to locate others at Seton Hall University who are using Lync