Echo360 Personal Capture

Echo360 Personal capture

This session will provide faculty members with an overview of the Echo360 Personal Capture System at Seton Hall University. Participants will have an opportunity to view a personal capture being created, edited, and published.

During this 60 minute session, participants will have an opportunity to watch as a simple capture is being made, how that capture can be edited, and publishing the sample recording to Blackboard.

Discussion will include how faculty can request an Echo360 Personal Capture account, downloading, installing, and configuring the Echo360 Personal Capture software. The session will conclude with viewing a sample Personal Capture from the student’s point of view.

Potential Use Cases:

  1. Record and distribute mini-lectures prior to class, allowing for more in-class time to be available for discussion and work through advanced cases.
  2. Create topic (module) introductions, highlighting how the material relates either to future course material or application in real-world settings.
  3. Create ‘refresher’ tutorials – “In this class we will be applying theory a to situation b. If you have not recently worked with theory a, please watch the refresher video.”

Echo360 Personal Capture – Presentation

Echo360 Personal Capture – Part 1 | download install

Echo360 Personal Capture – Part 2 | configure capture


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