The TLT Center Presents Hybrid and Online Course Design Workshops

March – May 2014
The TLT Center is please to present several 60-minute workshops focusing on tools and best practices for online and hybrid course design. If you are teaching, developing or thinking of designing a hybrid or online course, these workshops are for you! Workshops are held in the Computer Training Classroom, Walsh Library and are an hour in length.

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Echo 360 Personal Capture
This session will provide faculty members with an overview of the Echo360 Personal Capture System at Seton Hall University. Participants will have an opportunity to view a personal capture being created, edited, and published.
Tuesday March 18 2:00 pm
Wednesday March 26 10:00 am
Tuesday April 1 3:00 pm
Wednesday April 9 2:00 pm
Engaging Students Through Blackboard Collaborate Voice Tools
In this hands-on workshop, we’ll look at tools within Blackboard that current instructors use to engage students outside of the classroom. We’ll demonstrate how to use a Voice Presentation, a Voice Discussion Board, Podcasts and Voice Email, explore possible uses and discuss best practices.
Monday March 17 1:00 pm
Thursday March 27 10:00 am
Wednesday April 9 10:00 am
Friday April 25 1:00 pm
Mastering the Art of Effective Blackboard Discussions
This session will provide tips and tricks to establishing and running an effective discussion board in your online course. Topics addressed will include setting up a forum in Blackboard, netiquette, facilitation tips, assessment strategies, creating effective discussion questions, time management, creative uses, best practices and more.
Tuesday March 25 12 Noon
Monday April 14 10:00 am
Thursday April 24 11:00 am
Wednesday May 7 10:00 am
Assessment Tools and Strategies for Online/Hybrid Courses
This workshop will involve a discussion of some of the available strategies and tools for assessing student activities in online/hybrid courses. Authentic assessment strategies and low stakes quizzes will be discussed, as well as best practices for implementing assessments. The new inline feedback for Blackboard assignments will be demonstrated, as well as Blackboard exams, rubrics, and SafeAssign. In addition, participants will be encouraged to share their assessment ideas with each other and to receive feedback.
Wednesday April 2 10:00 am
Monday April 7 1:00 pm
Monday April 14 2:00 pm
Wednesday April 23 9:30 am
Increasing Collaboration through Groups
Do your students work on group projects? Blackboard’s Group tool will permit them to collaborate anywhere and anytime, while enabling you to monitor not only the group’s progress, but the contribution of each member. This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to the Group tool.
Monday March 24 11:00 am
Friday April 4 11:00 am
Tuesday April 15 10:00 am
Wednesday April 23 3:00 pm
Making Online Course Content Accessible
The online environment has the potential to be a powerful learning space for all students but when the technology is “inaccessible”, it can also be a barrier for students with special needs. Including accessibility into your course planning is easy and essential. This workshop will identify strategies for creating accessible course content, including Word, PowerPoint, multimedia and Blackboard content.
Tuesday March 25 2:00 pm
Monday April 7 3:00 pm
Tuesday April 15 1:00 pm
Monday April 21 2:00 pm
Utilizing Open Educational Resources to Enhance Course Content
Open Educational Resources (OER) reside in the public domain and are free to use for teaching and learning. Within these repositories are a variety of multimedia, learning objects, tutorials etc. that offer quick way to enhance any topic. Websites such as National Geographic, Merlot, and Kahn Academy provide tutorials, multimedia, simulations and even assignments that can be easily added to any hybrid course, creating a richer learning experience.
Thursday March 20 10:00 am
Thursday April 3 10:00 am
Monday April 14 12 Noon
Monday April 21 10:00 am
The Blackboard Grade Center
This session will focus on using the Blackboard grade center and all of the features which assist faculty with course grading. Using the Blackboard grade center is a valuable tool enabling faculty to enter grades, let the system calculate a final grade automatically and allows students to keep track of their course grade during the semester.
Thursday March 20 3:00 pm
Friday March 28 1:00 pm
Thursday April 3 12 Noon
Monday April 7 3:00 pm
Beginning Blackboard
New to Blackboard? This course is for you. Come learn about the useful features of Blackboard such as uploading of different types of documents, using a discussion board, using assignments or safe assignments. Additional topics include using the course tools to send email, obtain a class roster or a photo roster and embedding video or audio files.
Monday March 17 3:00 pm
Thursday March 20 12 Noon
Wednesday March 26 3:00 pm
Friday April 4 9:30 am
Online/Hybrid Course Development 101
Interested in developing an online or hybrid version of your course? This workshop provides participants with the foundation for developing quality online and hybrid courses. Topics include Quality Matters, chunking course content and steps on how to design a module/week or unit of a hybrid/online course. This session is 1hour, 30 minutes.
Friday April 4 1:00 pm
Friday May 2 10:00 am