Microsoft Office 365 Issues This Morning

University IT Services was notified around 10AM this morning that some students are unable to access their email and other Microsoft Office 365 services, including their SkyDrive files. Microsoft is working on restoring service. University IT Services will provide an update on progress later this afternoon.

Update 12/15/2013, 6:00 PM: University IT Services continues to work with Microsoft engineering to resolve the intermittent login problem to the Microsoft Office 365 Web site. Please check back later for an update later this evening. Meanwhile, students are able to access their Microsft Office 365 email and SkyDrive using their mobile devices.  If you don’t have Microsoft Office 365 email set up on your mobile device, you can add Microsoft Office 365 email to your Android, iOS or Windows device following the instructions on the technology.shu edu Web site.

Update 12/15/2013, 8:00 PM: The login issues with the Microsoft Office 365 Web site have been resolved. All Micorosft office 365 services, including email and SkyDrive, are working normally.