Internet Service Outages This Morning

This morning around 10AM Level3, the University’s Internet Service Provider (ISP), began experiencing a regional “degradation of service” due to equipment failure in its NYC data center.  As a result, the University experienced a complete Internet outage from approximately 10:00 AM until approximately 11:45 AM.  During this time, users on campus were not able to access the University’s Web site, and users off campus were not able to access University services, including PirateNet, email and Banner.

Partial service has now been restored to all of Level3’s NYC regional customers. Level3 is continuing to work to restore full service. In the meantime, the University may experience a slower than usual Internet connection.

Update 10/19/2013, 8:00 PM: Level 3 reports the issues that affected Internet service in the NYC region this morning have been resolved.  For more information see, for example, this post in the WSJ:
“Internet users from Brooklyn to Philadelphia suffered slow to nonexistent service Saturday after equipment at a New York-area network hub broke down, disrupting service for several hours.”