Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Online (sites), a part of Office 365, allows you to store, sync, and share your content.

Creating a Microsoft SharePoint Site: Illustrated Guide:
Microsoft SharePoint Sites – Student Guide

  1. Start by opening a web browser and going to: and select the PirateNet link in the upper right corner
  2. Select the Student Email button
  3. Enter your Seton Hall University shortname (smithjoh) and password
  4. Your Office365 page will default to display your eMail
  5. Select the Sites link in the Office365 navigation bar
  6. The default SharePoint page will list the SharePoint Sites that you are following
    Please note the following:

    1. Files stored on your Microsoft SharePoint Sites count against your 25GB SkyDrive Pro quota.
    2. If you have not activated your SkyDrive Pro space, selecting “Sites” will activate your SkyDrive Pro space
  7. To create a SharePoint Site, select the Site contents link from the settings (gear symbol) menu
  8. The Site Contents page is divided into two sections:
    Lists, Libraries, and other Apps
  9. To create a new Subsite, select the + new subsite link at the bottom of the page
  10. Complete the New SharePoint Site wizard, specifying the Title and Web Site Address of your SharePoint Site
    1. In the User Permission section, select the “Use Unique Permission” option
    2. In the Navigation option, select YES (Display this site on the top link bar of Parent site?)
    3. In the Navigation Inheritance option, select NO (Use the top link bar from parent site?)
  11. Select the Create button
  12. Your new SharePoint Site will appear under the “Sites I’m following” column


For additional information on SharePoint Sites, please see: