Lenovo Helix – Front Facing Camera

Lenovo Helix – Front Facing Camera

The front facing web camera on the Lenovo Helix was set to “off” by Lenovo when the devices were shipped to customers.

The front facing camera can be turned on via the Lenovo Settings Windows 8 app.

  1. From the Start Screen, type Lenovo to initiate a search for the Lenovo Settings app
  2. Select the Camera section of the Lenovo Settings app
  3. From the pull-down menu just below the View camera preview window, select the Front-facing camera
  4. Select Normal to enable the front-facing camera

Note: It may be necessary to update the Lenovo Settings app before being able to edit the front-facing camera settings.  The Lenovo Settings app can be downloaded from the Windows 8 Store.

Download an illustrated PDF guide

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