Summer Series 2013 – Hybrid Course Fundamentals and Design

This workshop was held on June 5th 2013, as part of the TLT Center Summer Series 2013.

Hybrid Course Elements and Design Presentation (pdf)

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Open Educational Resources Presentation (pdf)

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Hybrid Course Activities Presentation (pdf)

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Open Educational Resources (OER) reside in the public domain and are free to use for teaching and learning. Within these repositories are a variety of multimedia, learning objects, tutorials etc. that offer quick way to enhance any topic. Websites such as National Geographic, Merlot, and Kahn Academy provide tutorials, multimedia, simulations and even assignments that can be easily added to any hybrid course, creating a richer learning experience. Certain OER’s lend themselves to specific disciplines while others are inclusive to all disciplines. During this workshop we will explore several OER’s and how they can be used to enhance your hybrid course.


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