Safer Internet Day!

Today is the tenth annual “Safer Internet Day.”  This is a timely reminder that all Internet users need to follow some basic and common sense rules for using their technology.  Google has published some useful tips that will help everyone keep their accounts safe and their private data secure:

– Use strong passwords that are reasonably long and contain a variety of letters, numbers and special characters.

– Never share your password and never send your password to anyone in an email.  No legitimate organization will ever ask you to send your password to them in an email.

– Avoid scams!  Don’t reply to any suspicious email, text message or Web page that asks you for your personal information.

– Report suspicious or malicious email or Web sites.

– Keep your Web browser, plug-ins and operating system up to date.  Older versions of software have known security flaws that malicious users will try and exploit.

– Frequently check your security privacy settings on your browser and on any social media sites you use and customize how you want to share your personal information.

A good article on “A Safer Internet Day” and Google’s tips for safer use of technology can be found at: