JAVA Security Questions

There has been a good deal of news about a recent security bulletin issued by Oracle Corporation regarding a known security risk when using JAVA.  JAVA is a very common and popular programming language for the Web, and many Web sites require JAVA installed on your computer to provide an interactive Web experience. For example, the University’s Banner, Kronos and PaymentNet systems use JAVA.
Oracle has been working to provide security patches to address the identified security weaknesses, and will continue to monitor their application and provide their customers with additional patches, if needed.

If you wish to disable JAVA when not using it to access University Web sites, please call the Technology Service Desk at 973-275-2222; they can send you information on how to start and stop JAVA from running on your computer, make sure you have the latest version of JAVA, and answer any other questions you may have regarding the security of your computer.

Technology Service Desk

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  1. Oracle has provided an update to Java that addresses many of these security problems. If you haven’t yet received a notice from Oracle to upgrade to the latest version of Java, please call the Technology Service Desk at 973-275-2222. They can assist you in updating Java to the latest version.

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