Instacam — An Instagram-like App for Windows Phone

You may have noticed by now there’s no Instagram app available on the Windows Phone platform. But a developer has produced Instacam, which uses the Instagram API to build an app that runs on your Windows Phone and gives you a lot of the same features.

Once you install it, you can open the app and use it as a camera; or you can take an image from your own gallery and open it into Instacam, apply filters and frames, and save it.

It offers 28 different filters and 11 different framing options. Unlike Instagram, you don’t have to log in; but you also can’t upload directly to anything other than Twitter (directly; you can still save your modified photo and upload it from within the built-in photo gallery app). Here are a few examples:

Same scene, different filter:

A Windows Phone image color-corrected in Photoshop:

And three different Instacam filters.