Online scammers are using a recent email from Microsoft

A group of scammers are using a recent email from Microsoft as part of their phishing campaign.  They are sending emails similar to a legitimate email from Microsoft with the title “Important Changes to Microsoft Services Agreement and Communication Preferences.”  But the scammers have replaced the links in the email with ones that infect your computer with malware.  Do NOT follow the links in any email unless you are able to confirm that the sender is legitimate (for example, by examining the header information in the email to make sure the email is really from the source it claims to be) and that the hyperlinks are to legitimate sites (for example, hovering your mouse over a hyperlink will display the full adress which should be to a URL within the source’s domain).

If you have any questions about whether an email is legitimate, DO NOT open the email, but call or forward the email to the Technology Service Desk (Tel.: 973-275-2222; email:  They can assist you in determining if the email is legitimate or a phishing scam.

You can read more about this particular scam at:

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Steve Landry, CIO