WordPress Mobile Versions

You can use your phone or table to manage your WordPress blog with Automatic’s WordPress apps. WordPress for Android can be downloaded and installed from the Android Market, and WordPress for BlackBerry, WordPress for iOS and WordPress for Nokia are also available.

Once you’ve got it, use the simple setup instructions to point it at the URL of your blog, put in your username and password, and connect. You can add as many blogs as you have, whether they’re in WordPress.com, self-hosted, or hosted here at TLTC.

Automatic’s WordPress apps let you can post and edit pages, work with categories and tags. What I found to be the coolest feature was it integrates with the device’s built-in camera. So in addition to be able to upload or link to an image or video, you can just take a new one, and it all happens seamlessly. For blogging on the go, what could be better?

It also gives you the usual top-bar notice when there’s a comment to be moderated, which is helpful. You can do it all from one place.