Some Things for Us to Find Out at Sungard Summit 2011

As we discussed in our meetings for attendees, Sungard Summit provides us with a tremendous professional development opportunity.  The significant participation of Seton Hall University in the “on ground” and virtual summits provide us with an opportunity to learn a lot more about the system we rely on to provide services to our students and colleagues.  While we have had substantial achievements with Banner since our first steps toward implementation in 2006 through last year’s upgrade to Banner 8, much work remains to be done.  There are features of Banner that we have licensed but not yet implemented, such as Banner Workflow and Banner EDW.  There are many new features in Banner 8 that we have not yet learned or implemented.  And Banner itself is rapidly evoloving into a very different architecture that will provide more features but will also require different knowledge and skills to manage.  Here are some of the questions we should all consider as we participate in Sungard Summit 2011.

How can we continue to learn from Sungard and our peer institutions about the ways we can use Banner to improve access to information and services and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the University?

How can we best implement currently licensed (but not yet used) Banner components such as EDW and Workflow?

What new features of Banner 8 will allow us to do our jobs better or more easily and help us improve University services and efficiency?

What is the roadmap for the evolution of the Banner ERP system and how can we best prepare for the coming changes and take advantage of new features and services?