It’s easy to Keep Up with the Latest News from Sungard

Sometimes keeping up with the latest news from Sungard can seem daunting.  In the daily grind, we can forget to log into the Sungard Customer Support Center to see what’s new with Banner.  Fortunately, there’s a Web site that summarizes everything going on with Sungard’s Banner Open Campus.  This is thhe Sungard Higher Education Commons which can be found at: (Note that if you haven’t logged in to that site before, you’ll need to create an account.)

If you’re like me, you’re not going to log into the Commons often enough to follow what’s going on in the Banner community.  Fortunately, you can subscribe to a number of news feeds from the Commons which will “push” news out to your preferred news reader.

I like to use Google’s Reader.  To use it, you’ll need a Google account, but they’re free and it’s easy to sign up.  Once you’ve logged in to Google Reader, you can go to any of the pages on the Commons site which have news feeds and subscribe right from the Commons page you’re interested in following and when you subscribe, “Add to Google Reader” will be one of the options available.

I recommend setting up iGoogle as your default Web search page.  To do this, go to, log in to Google, and select iGoogle as your default page.  You can then add the Google Reader widget to your iGoogle page.  Now every time you do a Google search, your news feeds, including the latest news and updates from Banner Commons, will be right there on your search page.

Steve Landry, CIO