Luminis Platform Kick-Off!

Quick peek into LuminisV (Day 1) – SunGard chose and is developing their next portal offering based on four objectives:
1- Increase system interoperability, extensibility and modularity
2- Enhance user experience and UI tech alignment
3- Focus on Higher Education through applications, tools and content management
4- Improve collaboration and community tools

To meet these objectives, SunGard selected Web 2.0 technologies that have a vibrant ‘techie’ following, which translates to additional innovative development, and are commonly used to support many of our known social networking ecosystems.

This particular session highlighted the roadmap by which SunGard is following, to build the various levels and features of the LuminisV application and architecture. Those I grabbed to be most interesting are:
• Moved system ‘hot backups’ and improved caching and clustering to 2H 2011,
• Added SSL Termination Endpoint to 2H 2011. SSL Termination Endpoint is a new feature that will allow termination of SSL at the load balancer,
• 2H 2011 will include the AD provisioning, MS LIVE@edu ‘SSO’ and a portal search function,
• 2012 will introduce a SaaS offering

Lastly, SunGard recognizes/expresses the complexity of the LuminisV environment, which now incorporates CAS and BEIS and is working on improving the integration steps and available support resources.

For those who may not have a SunGard Commons account, to pour over the growing library of documentation, take a look at SunGard’s current LV roadmap.