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WordPress 4.1

We’ve updated to version 4.1 this week. The biggest change is a new theme, ‘twenty fifteen.’ It’s a very blogging-specific theme that highlights your content nicely on all kinds of devices. Continue reading

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Notes From The Training Sessions

Slideshow sets for this year’s WordPress 101 and WordPress 201 sessions. Continue reading

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Using Widgetized Blocks in the Vertex Theme

One of the things you can do in the Vertex theme is put a WordPress widget anywhere you like. These can be just blocks of text, or they can utilize any of the features that your plug-in set might provide. Continue reading

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Guide to Social Media Integration

Here’s a very detailed article from WPMU on various tactics and options. . . . → Read More: Guide to Social Media Integration Continue reading

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Your Image Thumbnails — You Can Control the Cropping

A new plugin, “my eyes are up here,” lets you control how your images are cropped for thumbnails.

The built-in system isn’t very smart; it essentially takes the central part of your image, squares it off, and crops off the top/bottom or left/right. But if your main content is off-center, you get something that . . . → Read More: Your Image Thumbnails — You Can Control the Cropping

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Locking Down Your Uploaded Attachments

Even if you’re running a private blog, your file attachments aren’t as secure as you might like. Your or your users can innocently copy-and-paste a link to a PDF file into an e-mail … which gets passed around … then somebody puts it in a Twitter or Facebook post … and before you know it the file you wanted to keep just for your selected audience has been indexed by Google! . . . → Read More: Locking Down Your Uploaded Attachments Continue reading

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New Plugins for June

TablePress, Polldaddy Polls & Ratings, WP Twitter AutoPost and Microblog Poster. . . . → Read More: New Plugins for June Continue reading

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WordPress Tools For Digital Humanities

Both of these are very specialized tools, with more than a few quirks. Especially in Annotum, the learning curve is fairly steep and prone to trial-and-error. But they impose sensible workflow solutions and organize information in a way that a standard theme or plug-in does not. . . . → Read More: WordPress Tools For Digital Humanities Continue reading

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How-To Video Training

We’ve gotten some instructional videos to help you get the most out of your WordPress site. Click through to read more about posts and pages, your media library, how to manage your widgets and menus, and your categories and tags. . . . → Read More: How-To Video Training Continue reading

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The 2014 Theme, Just For SHU

WordPress introduces a new default theme every year, and this year it’s called … twenty fourteen. It’s a very clean and dramatic looking magazine-style theme with lots of possibilities. As usual, out-of-the-box it’s fairly plain; but we’ve created a version of it with some extra goodies. . . . → Read More: The 2014 Theme, Just For SHU Continue reading

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