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Academic Affairs Committee | Handles concerns related to curriculum, faculty, library, printing, technology and career development.

Chair- Anthony Scudieri

Members: Christian Jamandre, Mario Costa, Drew Holden, Vincent Garcia and Michael Duce, Edney Uy, Emily Green, Evan Doolittle, Samuel Matino, Thomas Ashe, Thomas Behnke, Vincent Garcia,


Finance Committee |  Manages a special allocation fund and hears requests from student organizations, departments, Greek organizations, and other Seton Hall constituencies. Additionally, the committee allocates and oversees club budgets.

Chair- Timothy Hoffman

Members: Ashley Jefferson, Qingyin Sheng, Bo Gilliam and Adam Howard-BinkleyKevin Barden, Patrick Bryson, and Chia-An Tsai

Public Relations Committee | Responsible for the promotion of events, distribution of information, creation of print and digital media, and management of Student Government website, blog and social media.

Chair- Kayla Weinman

Members: Annelie Roding, Kayla Toomer, Joey Puleo and Amy Gao, Ben Ayzenberg, Savannah Watts, Catherine Wilson,Teagan Sebba, Lukas della Vera, Sumera Munhaf, Jake Koeler, Anthony Lam, Gerard Rangel, Siobhan McGirl

Elections Committee | Oversees the election process from advertisment and outreach, campaign oversight and voting management. 

Vice President: Mario Costa

Speaker: Drew Holden

Student Life Committee | Actively engage with the issues and needs of the student body . The committee focus on an array of tangible products related to improving student rites to pursing student interests to help provide the events, opportunities, and initiatives students enjoy and need.

Chair- Vincent Garcia

Members: Clayton Collier, Akshat Patel, Drew Holden, Marissa Ilnitzki, Wesley Satterwhite, Christopher Scott,  Taylor Dupuis, Samuel Matino and Victoria Staruch