Senior Class Gift

You’ve already made an impact at Seton Hall. Now it’s time to leave your legacy. Click here to make your gift today!

Why donate?
You have contributed in class, supported clubs and organizations, attended events, and have been involved in countless ways.  But, making a class gift is different. Making your class gift shows your commitment to Seton Hall, and it shows others that you are proud of what you have accomplished during your time at Seton Hall University.

The Benefits
When you donate to the Seton Hall as a senior in the class of 2014, you are starting a tradition. You send a message to the Seton Hall community, especially the classes behind us, that you are committed to improving the University. We want the Class of 2014 to have a higher percentage of seniors giving gifts than any class before us! Show your Class of 2014 pride.

After you graduate – The most important reason to donate (in any amount) is that it increases Seton Hall’s national profile, which in return increases the value of your diploma. A larger participation leads to a higher ranking in national assessments such as from U.S. News & World Report.

Where to Donate
Seniors have the opportunity to decide where they would like their donation to end up.  Below are the options for where to donate:

Student Scholarships – Help make a Seton Hall education possible for future students.

Student Emergency Fund – Will be used to provide financial assistance (in the form of tuition, fees, room and board, etc) to students experiencing serious emergencies.

Schools and Colleges – Goes to support the school/college the donor chooses and gives the Dean additional money to increase educational opportunities within that school.

Thank you!
The Senior Class Council thanks you for considering making a class gift to improve Seton Hall University.  Go Pirates!

Questions/More Info:
If you prefer to make your gift by cash or check, or if you have questions, please contact

A special thank you to those listed below for giving their Senior Gift. Your generosity allows Seton Hall to better serve current and future Pirates! Join this group in leaving your legacy on Seton Hall today

Kevin Coroneos

Kenneth Larivee

Alyssa Rodrigues

Tess Arzu

Andrew Nguyen

Michaela Wallis

Kelly Clark

Krissy May

Akshat Patel

Jessica Card

Britany Blomkvest

Allison Conklin

Samantha Douglass