IT Committee Meeting on 9/11 @ 1pm – Agenda

The next meeting of the Senate IT Committee has been scheduled for Tuesday, Sep. 11, from 1pm to 2pm in the Curriculum Room of the Library. Agenda items include:

  • Welcome and Membership
  • Steve Landry’s “State of IT” presentation (tentative)
  • Election of Committee Chair (be prepared with nominations)
  • Discussion of Karen Boroff’s suggestions (*)
  • Discussion about Committee Priorities for the Academic Year
  • Misc

Any additional suggestions will be more than welcome – please post them right here.


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Current IT Committee Membership

The membership of the 2012/13 IT Committee has changed slightly. Currently, the members are (sorted by first name, don’t ask 🙂

Arline Lowe, Bert Wachsmuth, David Mest, Dongdong Chen, Jack W Stamps, Joel B Sperber, Jorge Lopez-Cortina, Lauren McFadden, Martha M Loesch, Matthew Escobar, Mehmet A Sahiner, Michael A Taylor, Penina Orenstein, Pledger Fedora, Richard Stern, Richard Boergers, Victor Velarde-Mayol

Meeting time for the Fall Semester

I’ve created a Doodle poll to schedule our meeting time for the Fall semester. If possible, I think regular meetings are preferred, so please check all time slots when you usually are available during the Fall. If the Mon, Tue, or Wed meetings work out, our first meeting will be next week. If it’s Thu or Fri, we will start the following week. Please fill  out the form found at:

I have already talked to Steve Landry and he has agreed to give another “State of the IT” presentation during our first meeting (if we can work out the dates). I think that has proved quite useful in the past so hopefully it will be helpful yet again.

Agenda for April 26 Meeting

The Faculty Senate IT Committee will meet on Thursday, April 26, from 1pm to 2pm in the Curriculum Room of the Library. The preliminary agenda includes

  • Welcome
  • New Laptop models
  • Faculty IT Survey (see a draft at
  • Quality Matters “Lite” (QM Lite) for experimental Online Courses
  • Faculty Printing in the Labs (*)
  • Chair election for 2012/13
  • Misc

If you have additional topics that should go on the agenda, or have any comments or suggestions, please email me or leave a comment here.


(*) IT and the Library have evaluated a new printing system for the campus that will have many many benefits to the students on campus.  As a part of the analysis of the data we have uncovered that faculty and employees have printed almost 400,000 (or $20,000) pages in the Library and the labs and with the new model this isn’t sustainable for the budget.

Volunteers needed for the next Faculty IT Survey

Update: Richard Stern, Penina Orenstein, and Tom Marlowe will help out with this initiative. Thanks for volunteering!

TLTC is looking for a few faculty members to volunteer to help create/modify the bi-annual IT survey for Faculty and to monitor results. The mechanics are handled by TLTC, so it is really not that much work, but it is important to have faculty participation in the creation and dissemination of the survey to ensure the questions are pertinent. If you would like to volunteer, please send email to “”. Thanks for offering your time!

Next Meeting scheduled for Thu April 26, 1pm

The meeting originally scheduled for April 12 has been moved to April 26, 1pm. Sorry for any inconvenience. The text of the original announcement follows:

I hope you are looking forward to a nice Easter celebration! But duty will call again soon after, and that includes committee work. I would therefore like to call a meeting of the Senate IT committee, tentatively, for Thu, April 12, at 1pm (note: moved to April 26, at 1pm). I hope we can get some info on the refresh procedure/models if possible. If you have any topics for the agenda, please let me know, or post them as usual  here. Unless something urgent comes up, this could be the last meeting of the semester (I know how disappointing you will be 🙂

Why do we need to change our SHU Password?

Recently some faculty members asked why we need to change our PirateNet/Blackboard password every 90 days (count yourself lucky, if you were an administrator you’d have to change it every 30 days). The 90 day period was actually a compromise that was worked out together with the Senate IT committee, the original proposal asked for changing the password for everyone every 30 days!