Next meeting scheduled for March 14 @ 1 pm

Our next Senate IT meeting will be on March 14, 2013, at 1 pm. We will try to accommodate members joining via phone/video conferencing if possible. I encourage you to let me know any agenda items you might be interested in, or simply post them after his entry.

Agenda (so far)

  • Welcome
  • TLTR Updates
  • Status of Network
  • Email/Appropriate Use policy
  • Wired connections terminating
  • New SHU webpage
  • Misc.

Status of Network: Several of our essential systems (main web site, Blackboard, PirateNet, and Email) were down at least twice for some time during our Spring Break week. We hopefully will get some more information about this problem and the status of any fixes.

Email/Appropriate Use policy:¬†Harvard University’s administrators have issued a semi-apology to 16 resident deans for failing to inform them that their official email accounts had been secretly searched in an attempt to identify the source of a leaked document relating to a student cheating scandal (see details). Which of our own policies would apply in such a case, and what do they say in a case like this? Relevant policies probably are our appropriate use policy¬†, our email guidelines, and possibly other policies.

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