Agenda for April 26 Meeting

The Faculty Senate IT Committee will meet on Thursday, April 26, from 1pm to 2pm in the Curriculum Room of the Library. The preliminary agenda includes

  • Welcome
  • New Laptop models
  • Faculty IT Survey (see a draft at
  • Quality Matters “Lite” (QM Lite) for experimental Online Courses
  • Faculty Printing in the Labs (*)
  • Chair election for 2012/13
  • Misc

If you have additional topics that should go on the agenda, or have any comments or suggestions, please email me or leave a comment here.


(*) IT and the Library have evaluated a new printing system for the campus that will have many many benefits to the students on campus.  As a part of the analysis of the data we have uncovered that faculty and employees have printed almost 400,000 (or $20,000) pages in the Library and the labs and with the new model this isn’t sustainable for the budget.

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