Meet our executive board for the 2020-21 school year!


Liam Oakes
Liam Oakes

Liam Oakes, President

Liam is a senior public relations major and graphic design minor from Andover, New Jersey. He is the founder of the “PR SHUperstar” campaign, bringing students in the University’s public relations program together. In addition to serving as the vice president of PRSSA, Liam is also the Managing Editor of The Setonian, Seton Hall’s student-run newspaper, and oversees communications for the New Jersey Coalition for Inclusive Education. He is looking to start a career as a PR SHUperstar in the nonprofit industry. In his free time, Liam enjoys hiking, kayaking, cooking, and going to the beach.




Mickey Grennan
Michael Grennan

Michael Grennan, Vice President

Bio coming soon!







Ailish Irwin
Ailish Irwin

Ailish Irwin, Media Director

Ailish is a junior public relations major with a visual and sound media minor from Braintree, Massachusetts. In addition to serving as the treasurer, she serves as the social media director for Alpha Phi. Behind the scenes, Ailish runs the social media accounts, designs posts and flyers, takes photos at the meetings, and helps PRSSA run general body meetings.





Melanie Moore
Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore, Secretary

Melanie is a junior public relations major from Staten Island, New York. Behind the scenes, Melanie helps keep the club organized, sends out emails and announcements, takes membership attendance, and helps PRSSA run general body meetings. Students who are looking to join PRSSA and have inquiries about paying dues should contact Melanie at her SHU email.





Maddy Nichols
Madelyn Nichols

Madelyn Nichols, Litore Agency Director

Madelyn is currently a junior public relations major. Behind the scenes, Madelyn serves as the director for the Litore Agency, which gives students a chance to gain hands-on experience with clients by helping them write press releases, creating social media content, and more. Those who are interested in working with Litore as a student or a client should contact Madelyn at her SHU email.